Distressed Private Equity: It’s cheaper if it’s on fire

Many are familiar with the story of Bear Stearns’ monumental stock collapse and the sale of the investment bank to JP Morgan in 2008 at $2 per share – almost 1% of the original value of the year before. The notion of purchasing a competitor at such a discount is borderline unfathomable. Unfortunately, the takeover created such a substantial regulatory and legal liability over time that led Jamie Dimon to declare his regret of the acquisition. But is there a way to acquire a failing company cheaply and make a profit: can we buy extremely low and still sell high?

CLOs at the center of the new PE industry

Colateralized Loan Obligations are becoming increasingly popular in the post-crisis era by enabling high yield investing at reduced risk levels. The beauty of the CLO is its malleability: like a bespoke suit, risk/return can be tailored for the squeamish or the aggressive investor. In this article, we explore the characteristics of this peculiar form of structured credit to discover the reasons for its surge and how these CLOs are used in the PE industry.

Bain & Company: Global Private Equity Report 2019

On Wednesday the 27th of February, Bain & Company published its annual Global Private Equity Report 2019, presenting the main events and trends of the industry in 2018 and giving insights into its future developments. The industry continued its strong growth in 2018, displayed by a high number of deals and a high total amount of invested capital invested in buyouts.